May 11, 2024: The Latest Trailer…


To the world at large,
the Man of Bronze is a man of mystery.
So mysterious, in fact, that he is largely forgotten.
Except by the legions of fans who have kept
Doc Savage’s legacy alive, through
their lives and passions.
These are the Collectors, Characters and Creators
and this documentary will be their story.

May 11, 2024 Update

The documentary is in the next phase of editing. Yesterday, the entire project was handed off to Breakthrough Sounds, a recording studio here in Cleveland, for audio restoration and leveling, color correction and music. Breakthrough Sounds worked with Executive Producer Act 3 on the audio recording of Designing Victory, architect Robert P. Madison’s amazing memoir, and they are perfectly-positioned and excited to bring this feature-length documentary film across the finish line. The last two months have been spent adding archive photos and effects provided by many of the 48 wonderful fans who appear in this 55-minute film. After that, we will be submitting to appropriate film festivals around the world to share this little-known tale of a hugely-influential character in American fiction. We have already scheduled a limited seating presentation at PulpFest, on August 2, where much of the film was shot in 2022 and 2023.

November 13, 2023 Update

Here are a few images from a very productive road trip to Pulaski, Tennessee, to capture some artifact footage, as well as informative interviews from Doc Savage experts and new pulp authors Scott Cranford, Craig McDonald and Duane Spurlock.

October 20, 2023 Update

I am gathering a number of Zoom and location interviews this month and November, as well as capturing so many artifact images and B-roll. Then, the heavy-lifting begins: cutting together almost 50 interviews with the characters, creators and collectors keeping the Man of Bronze alive. My vision is an accessible film for newcomers and fans of pulp fiction, comics and adventure literature alike. The plans are for this story of fandom, friendship and adventure to be finished by the spring of 2024, when I will begin submitting to film festivals. I also plan on creating DVD media for the fans. And who knows? Maybe an extended cut to include as much of the fans as I can – – all about the first super hero, Doc Savage!

In the meantime, here are a few of the amazing stories I have captured…

Scott Cranford recounts a harrowing painting escapade.

Win Scott Eckert tells how his first Docs led to collaborating with a Science Fiction Grandmaster.

Author Will Murray discusses his first serpentine Doc sighting.

Chris Kalb tells us how the early days of the internet connected Doc fans and boosted pulp con attendance.

This saga stretches from the paperback revival of the 1960s, through the movie and fanzines of the 1970s and 1980s, the web expansion of the 1990s and the boom of the conventions… up to the present day of TV streaming rumors and more serious speculations on the legacy of The Man of Bronze, and what kind of future that may consist of.

In the meantime, do right to all!

Ron Hill
Director of We Are Doc Savage: A Documentary on Fandom